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Debate Exchange for your Organisation

The Debate Exchange activities are open for youth organisations and universities in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Who is it for: Educators, Youth Workers

If your organisation offers trainings to young people, the Debate Exchange activty allows them to benefit from intercultural and international experiences online. It fosters the practice of foreign languages (English, French, Arabic) soft skill development, including critical thinking and teamwork and promotes common values of freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination.

We are ready to involve young people in your network. Youth participants are welcome to join the debate exchange community online!

In the framework of Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange, participants have the change to participate in small-group online debate team leader trainings before running their first debate training for their peers. 

The training prepares them for an intercultural online debate experience with their distant partners under the guidance of trained Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange trainers.

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange offers:

  • Free online debate team leader training and online debates for young people
  • This opportunity is free for young people in Europe and Southern Mediterranean countries. All they need is access to a computer, the internet and a headset
  • Trainings and debates in French, English and Arabic are open for beginners and advanced debaters
  • Recognition of this training with open badges
  • You can join at any time. There is no deadline.


  • Form a group of at least 6 participants aged 18-30 (one of them will be trained as debate team leader)
  • Provide space for the on-site debate training
  • Ensure that the participants who are logging in from their personal computers will test their equipment; connection until the registration deadline.

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