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Countering Hate Speech

The Interactive Open Online Course “Countering Hate Speech” takes participants on an interactive, action-oriented journey on countering hate speech.

Age of participation: 
18 - 30
Who is it for: Young People, Educators
Length of the course: 
5 weeks
Weekly commitment: 
4 hours
Deadline to apply: 10/05/2020

'Countering Hate Speech' is a 5-week interactive online course for motivated youth willing to address challenging issues with action. Participants in this course will get the opportunity to review expert content in the form of bite-sized videos and exchange ideas with their peers in weekly online group meetings of 8 to 12 people

Through Virtual Exchange, students and young professionals will put their own experiences, values, and challenges in the forefront as a primary source for learning. Participants will gain an understanding of what hate speech is (and what is not); the various forms it can take; its causes and consequences; how it is regulated and what place it takes in our societies. In addition, this course aims to inspire and activate participants by addressing concrete examples, tactics, and strategies of how to respond to hate speech.

  • What are the various forms does hate speech is taking?
  • What are the causes and consequences of hate speech at the individual and societal level? 
  • What can be done to fight against hate?

Based on a human rights perspective, this course explores these questions and the actions that can be undertaken to effectively counter hate and promote an open society.

The 5-week interactive course “Countering Hate Speech” invites participants to learn about and discuss current challenges posed by hate speech in their communities and societies at large. Not only do participants engage in dialogue about the topic, but also collaboratively work towards creating a campaign to counter hate speech in various forms. This makes "Countering Hate Speech" an action-oriented course where participants are inspired, share knowledge and learn from each other.

This course  offers a great opportunity for students of Social Sciences, Human Rights, Conflict Studies, and other related fields, to complement their theoretical knowledge. ‘Countering Hate Speech’ is also attractive for activists, volunteers, or young professionals to exchange ideas and practices with youth from various cultural backgrounds and to learn about cases from different countries.



Dates for 2020 sessions: 

May 18 - June 19 - Application deadline May 10

PDF icon Countering Hate Speech

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