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"Countering Hate Speech in Europe"

This Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange offers an interactive, action-oriented journey on 'Countering Hate Speech' in Europe. The application for "Countering Hate Speech" has closed.

- Start date: November 5 2018
- Duration: 6 weeks
- Weekly time investment: 1-2 hours (preparation and assignments) +  2 hours (online group sessions)

What are the various forms hate speech is taking? What are the causes and consequences of hate speech at the individual and societal level? How is hate speech regulated in Europe? And what can be done to fight hate?

Participants in this course will get the opportunity to review expert content and are encouraged to putting their own experiences, values and perspectives on the forefront while engaging with peers through Virtual Exchange. They will gain an understanding of what hate speech is (and what it is not); the various forms it can take; its causes and consequences; how it is regulated and what place it takes in our societies.

In addition, this course aims to inspire and activate participants by addressing concrete examples, tactics and strategies of how to respond to hate speech. This will result in participant-lead human rights-based action day against hate speech.

An Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Badge is given to participants who successfully complete the course.


The application for "Countering Hate Speech" has closed. 

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