The Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange project 2018-2020 is now finished. Please stay tuned to the European Youth Portal for further developments!


Basic Training for developing Transnational Virtual Exchange Projects

Professional development for educators and university staff to learn how to develop small-scale, project-based Virtual Exchanges.

Age of participation: 
Who is it for: Educators

The aim of the Basic Training is to introduce university educators and staff to Virtual Exchange through experiential learning. Participants will understand the requirements to successfully integrate an Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange into existing courses and curricula, and will gain experience in digital literacy, including communicating and collaborating online. The training requires no previous experience with Virtual Exchange.

Transnational Virtual Exchange Projects are intended to foster meaningful intercultural experiences, the development of transversal skills, better understanding of a specific theme such as cyberbullying, volunteering, youth and sports, etc. as well as the development of specific skills such as communicating in a foreign language.



Related Activities

Advanced Training for developing Transnational Virtual Exchange Projects

Partnering educators work together to enrich and adapt their existing courses implementing Virtual Exchanges.

Training for Youth Organisations

Project-based professional development course for Youth Workers collaborating within established Youth Organisations to learn how to develop Transnational Exchange Projects.