Advocacy Training

Bringing young people from different backgrounds together to develop parliamentary debate skills with the support of a network of trained debate team leaders, fostering listening and understanding through advocacy training.

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange - Advocacy Training

Advocacy Training brings together young people from diverse backgrounds and students from higher education to meet online and debate topics of their choice, with the support of a regional resource network of trained team leaders. The training will focus on a parliamentary model of public debate and an approach.

Participants are first taught to listen, understand, and absorb what others in the group are saying before responding to the messages being relayed. The objective of this activity is to enhance young people's debate skills, such as: building arguments, active listening & rebuttal, organisation of speeches and the use of a specific format for debating.

The core programme will be complemented by resources for advocacy including evidence-based examples, cultural intelligence, and digital media campaigns.

The Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Hub will benefit from the aggregation of debate contents generated through the Advocacy Training and offer wider public insight into the trends and issues connecting young people on the two shores of the Mediterranean.


Debate Team Leaders Training

A six hours intensive training on parliamentary debate skills. It is intended to prepare Team Leaders to deliver a local training for their teams in their communities before registering and leading them in an Intercultural Online Debate.

(10 am – 4 pm CEST time)                                  

  • English                                     December: 7 


  • French                                      December 7 

 Online debates

Following the Team Leaders Training session on the necessary debate skills, teams from the North and South of the Mediterranean engage with each other in a 3 hours online debates on topics (motions) of their choice.

(10 am – 1 pm CEST time)                           

  • English                                   December: 14 


  • French                                    December: 21 

For more information, please, fill out our expression of interest and you will be contacted about the application process for these opportunities.