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Online Facilitated Dialogue

Opportunities for young people to connect together in safe online facilitated dialogue to discuss current issues that matter to them, develop a better understanding of each other, build meaningful relationships across borders and cultures, and practice important employability skills.

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange - Online Facilitated Dialogue

The Online Facilitated Dialogue programmes enable participants to:

  • Establish a deeper understanding for the perspectives of their global peers on important issues that matter to youth today.
  • Develop employability skills such as critical thinking, cross-cultural communication, team-work, collaboration, and media literacy. 

Individual Applicants

Through online facilitated dialogue, participants will engage in constructive communication with peers from different cultures and countries over a specific topic of their mutual interest.

Institutional Partnerships

Provide young people exposure to different perspectives and the key skills needed for an increasingly globalized workforce. Participating youth will meet face-to-face with peers from different countries, to participate in meaningful discussions in the presence of neutral facilitators.