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Youth and the world

The older we get, the more we start sensing the world around us – its beauty and pain.

The older we get, the more we start sensing the world around us – its beauty and pain. When we are young, the main focus lays on family, friends, kindergarden or schoolmates and other leisure activities. But when becoming older, more things are added to the “picture”.

For example, youngsters are given an opportunity to take part of youth roundtables and youth associations, to share their opinions and help governing politicians get a better aspects from young persons’ point of view.  During this kind of endeavours, youngsters learn accuracy, correctness, self-expression and polite use of words. Schools also have different options to help one develop in those fields. For example, student representative boards are a good investment to the development of persons co-operation and organizing skill.

Especially active youngsters can apply for driving license already at the age of 16, but in order to drive a scooter, one has to take the exam at the age of 14. Taking part of everyday traffic is a very important step and it pushes us to “grown-up” life. You have to take into account that there are other vehicles and pedestrians, otherwise aftermath can be fatal.

At the age of 18, most of the students finish high school and step into the big world alone. Now they have the right to take part of elections and universities, jobs and other challenges are waiting! Now the youngster is part of adult life, where mistakes are not forgiven, standarts of performances and manners are higher and everyone stands for their own success.

Fortunately, we live in an era, where the world is not distant nor detectable, beyond reach or meant only for the chosen ones. All of us have the possibility to go study in universities in Estonia or abroad. In Estonia, studying abroad  is supported by an organisation called DreamFoundation. Also, all of us can simply go and work abroad. Reliable working opportunities are advertised by Eures. In addition, youngsters can take part of different foreign projects, summer universities, trainings and seminars, do volunteer work and attend youth exhanges. Possibilites for these kinds of acitivities are provided by several organizations, for example Estonian Youth Portal, Youth in Action programme and Rajaleidja.

Often, the contribution and importance of youngsters is underestimated, but actually young people are a very important part of the world. Like a house needs a strong fundament, so does a functional world. Young people are our future! Our world’s future and sustainability depends on them. Today’s youngsters will be the future leaders!

Published: Wed, 18/09/2013 - 14:24

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