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Jobs determine a great part of who we are and who we become, who our fiends are, which our hobbies are and how high our quality of life is.


Jobs determine a great part of who we are and who we become, who our fiends are, which our hobbies are and how high our quality of life is. Many people dream of marvellous jobs and exquisite positions which give them the reason to study, exert themselves and do their best. It is frequently necessary to pass a long journey, to do jobs that are not too gratifying and to be patient in order to pursuit the dream step by step and to obtain the desired position. No-one is simply appointed to a highly recognized executive position.

Many people have their first jobs already while being a student, during long summer holidays. Some assist their parents in a shop, others pick berries, and a few might help their cousins at a sheep farm. We have all fulfilled minor duties in our childhood, and a big portion of later work ethic is based on the work experiences acquired at home. Our sense of duty and responsibility, speed, accuracy, reliability and respect are qualities that we above all learn from our nurseries.

Although many youngsters have minor jobs during summers in order to earn some pocket money, real work begins after school. Most university students have part-time positions to be more self-sufficient and less dependent on their parents. During university years it is common to have simpler jobs at bars or cafes, supermarkets or events, but majority of youth desires to utilize the knowledge acquired from the university on a position that complies with one’s speciality. In other words, one might claim that real employment begins after university, when graduates start looking for a job in a cherished field, which gives gratification and brings a smile to one’s face.

People dream of a good job. But what are the features of a good position? Criteria are variable, but it is generally said that a good job is the one you like to do. A good workplace includes pleasant and supportive co-workers as well as a superior who sets a good example and is not a malicious or arrogant subject of confrontation. The overall atmosphere of a good workplace is contributory, friendly, inspiring and motivating. Everyone wishes to feel that he or she is essential and necessary, and this is the feeling that a perfect job, workplace and atmosphere should create. It is often said that the following components are more significant than the payroll: appreciation, acknowledgment, positive words, recognition, consideration and affability towards employees. The aforementioned qualities are often most important features of a good workplace, and a big salary does usually not compensate an unpleasant work climate, disparaging colleagues and an intolerable manager.

Although unemployment rate is rather high in Estonia, good positions are still available and valuable employees are always needed. The portfolio for applying for a job includes proper and competitive curriculum vitae (CV), a motivation or covering letter and favourable referees. Several employment portals (for example, CV-Online, CV-Keskus and Eesti Töötukassa) offer trainings of job interviews, writing a motivation letter and preparation of curriculum vitae, all of which enhance raising one’s competitiveness on the labour market.

And for sure, working in Estonia is definitely not a must – there are numerous good jobs also abroad. Undoubtedly it would be a great change for youngsters to have a summer job in a foreign country and to obtain new experiences which can be utilized later in Estonia. However, when you decide to take a job abroad, you should be extra careful and check the background of the employer thoroughly, so that everything could go smoothly and without any problems. Reliable job offers for positions abroad are mediated for example by Töötukassa and EURES.

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