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Employment and entrepreneurship

When schools and institutions of higher education are finished, arrives the time for employment.

When schools and institutions of higher education are finished, arrives the time for employment. Work influences our lives to a great extent – after all, we invest into work five days a week, eight hours a day and altogether 160 hours of a month. Our job should be compatible with our principles and nature, because only this way can we be happy and content. Having a daily job that you love is a fortune and value, as many people are not so lucky to have such an employment which they could do with all their heart and a smile on the face. There are also people who do their jobs simply for earning the salary – they arrive at their workplace with a numb face and leave for home with just as long face.

Several people dream of a professional career, while others do not consider it to be a special goal in life. Many youngsters hope to obtain important and executive positions with remarkable salaries and exceptional benefits fast and at once, though in reality it all takes time, and requires external and internal development. Our sense of duty and responsibility and courage of taking risks are different in our juvenile years and during middle age, work-related performance and efficacy tend to improve in the course of time. Most of today’s top leaders started from the first rung of the career ladder and advanced by proving their capability. Every journey starts from the first step and it applies also to the field of employment.

Unemployment is a major problem in Estonia and numerous other countries. Many Estonian youngsters are unemployed or work on positions which are not related to their degree and specialty. On one hand, employers seek for employees with previous experiences, which the university graduates frequently do not have. On the other hand, youngsters wish to receive a salary that is too high in comparison with what the employers can afford in current financial circumstances.

Many youngsters, who do not find an agreeable or specialized position, decide to seize the initiative instead of counting on others – they create their own companies and become their own masters. Establishing a company is undoubtedly extremely simple in Estonia, because creation of a company via the Internet takes only about twenty minutes! Unbelievable, isn’t it? Probably this is one of the reasons why entrepreneurship is so popular in Estonia.

There is however one common misconception – many people tend to believe that owning a company is easy and money starts flowing in without an effort. In reality, entrepreneurs work much more than generally believed – they invest a lot of time and energy into establishing the company’s position and constant search of customers. The flow of duties seems to be endless! Fortunately there are various programs in Estonia which assist new companies in focusing on their activities and getting on their feet. For example, there are incubators, Start-Smart, PESA, Marketingi Instituut, Ülemiste Technopolis and several other programs which offer mentoring, product innovation, marketing and various other services and knowledge that newcomers definitely need in the business sector.

Not everyone is cut out to be a wage labourer, and there are people whose characteristics do not comply with the demands of entrepreneurship. It is vital that everyone would choose to do what suits them best. Some people prefer to have the same working hours each day, as it enables them to plan their life most effectively. Others enjoy scheduled work, because it gives them the variety they need. And there also people who love to work in the late hours, as it complies perfectly with their nocturnal nature. People are different, and everyone should take a personally most suitable pick in the frame of employment and entrepreneurship. And it’s a fact that success in figuring out our preferences increases our chances of enjoying employment!