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Would you like to have cooking lessons for free?

Are you passionate about Italian kitchen? Would you like to learn how to cook some dishes taught by a professional cooker? Do you know the project COOKaBIKE?

By Paula de la Torre 

Everything started with the idea of Michele Tomasini, a young Italian cook, who has decided travelling with his bike from Italy to Estonia from the next 16th of July. His goal: offering free cooking lessons in exchange for meeting new people, visiting new places and living new experiences.

From Aviano, his hometown in Italy, to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, in a long journey without duration, stops in Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Latvia. A good way to start a chef career for this boy who was working for FIAT Company as a mechanical engineer during six years. Last September, in fact, the same day of his birthday he decided change his life completely enrolling in a course to become a cooker. Now, with the diploma almost in his hands, Michele is ready to live and unforgettable experience. 

Is well received an offer to accommodate him, but it´s not compulsory. His propose is simple: Fresh pasta, gnocchi di patate, risotti, ravioli and all the ingredients that compose the basic Italian kitchen. Ingredients that can create interesting situations and new opportunities for the future: “I would like to slow down my life and I hope to meet many people with the same ideas during my trip. I don't want to become a chef, just a cook, maybe to open my own place somewhere or accept some funny collaboration around. Let's see what will happen during my ride“.
He will propose some dishes in his page, but he is opened to all kind of suggestions! “I received around 50 invitations and I will try to reach the most part of them and it means that in some cases I will have to take not the direct road. Till the day of my departure, 16th of July, I will collect them, then I will contact the persons involved to get a confirmation and give them a foreseen timing of arrival. But it can change, if during the way someone asks me to stop by him for a cooking time“. 

If you want to participate in COOKaBIKE, join you to the Facebook fan page and contact Michele!


Published: Wed, 22/10/2014 - 18:06

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