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Education and training

Our path of education starts already very early, long before official schooling.

Our path of education starts already very early, long before official schooling. Our parents, the environment and everyday practice teaches us as babies. Education and training is already when we start to walk, hold the spoon, talk and properly communicate, cook food and change the TV channel.

More thorough and more official educational path starts in kindergarden, when we learn new things every day through games and interesting activities. New letters, reading, writing, numbers or even how to draw a beautiful bear. After that comes elementary school, which is followed by primary school and high school. Then it is time for university and after that there can be little peace!

Education and training are very important, because how otherwise will we be educated, wise and intelligent people? In school, we often study not so interesting things, just because we have to. But actually these knowledges may come quite handy. You surely feel proud when you know the background of some historical building or the cause of currents, mathematical formulas and the correct way to speak Estonian. School is often the only place, where to acquire basic knowledge, because in life, we already have to start using them!

Although school and parents are our great teacher and example, a big part of our education and development lies on our shoulders. There are millions of books in the world, but my own eruditeness depends on myself -  will I read newspapers and watch daily news, am I interested of whats going on in the world and my country? Ability and interest to read are a big bonus on our educational path and to raise our eruditeness, because through books we will know more about history, exciting adventures, our vocabulary and fantasy will develop also.

In addition to education, it is also possible to learn outside of school. Different trainings are held constantly, a great part of them is for free and are waiting for active participants! Being intrested in the world, gaining new knowledge and learning with excitement is something that keeps us going in life! Taking part of trainings is a good way to find new friends, even more good ideas and broaden the mind.

Luckily, the education in Estonia is free and also the importance of trainings for grown ups has increased. Further education, trainings are seminars are offered in Estonia and abroad and a lot of them are for free. We often take free education for granted, because actually it is a big bonus. In many other countries you have to pay for your education, therefore only a small part of young people can take part of school. In these countries, education is a privilege and accessible only for chosen ones, but in our country – education is a right. A right to attend school and become more educated.

When there is a will, there is a way to always develop and evolve!