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Entertainment in Vienna equals Mozart? Not at all.

Vienna. Shaped by the Great Empire and the domination of the Habsburg dynasty, the city is mostly known for its outstanding history and its ability of preserving it.

This seemingly reflects the viennese lifestyle which could be described as comfortable and laid-back. As this imagination goes around the world captured on many touristy post cards showing old viennese ladies in Vienna's famous coffee houses, tourists mostly spend their time in the first district following the route of viennese traditions though Vienna is more than Sissi and the Viennese Classic.

The EYC (European Youth Card) will help you explore an alternative Vienna while taking advantages of its discounts. If you don't have the card yet, click here for further information.

First of all it is to be said that music does play a huge role in Vienna. A few centuries ago not only Austrians doyen W.A.Mozart felt an “irrational affection” for Vienna and german composer Ludwig van Beethoven hoped to die before having to leave the city. His famous quote “Perhaps heaven will permit me not to have to give up Vienna as my permanent abode.” still circulates around the city.
To understand their strong passion for Vienna manifested in many symphonies and operas, you should visit "Theater an der Wien" which is another, less conventional opera house where you get 10% discounts on tickets for in-house productions. If you prefer musicals, you should check out either “Raimund Theater” or “Ronacher”. Both of them offer the same discount as the opera house. To buy tickets, click here.
Last but not least Vienna's Jazz scene shouldn't be underestimated either. Porgy&Bess is a Jazz Club offering 1,45€ discount which is a feast for every music lover's ears. 
Another alternative would be “WUK Werkstätten und Kulturhaus”. It is a center for all sorts of cultural events and workshops, sometimes you will even find a flea market in the inner court. Most concerts are for free but in addition they offer reduced tickets for dance and theater events if you show your European Youth Card at the entrance.
More concerts along with a 10% discount can be found at “Arena”. The former slaughterhouse with colorful graffitis on their brick walls and a huge open-air stage during the summer is well known for offering live acts from every popular music genre from rock to techno.
When it comes to theater houses in Vienna  “Garage X” with a 35% discount on tickets is an insider tip as well. You'll find a young, independent audience which will give you quite a contrast to the traditional lifestyle of the older generation. Not far from Garage X you can find one of Vienna's hippest clubs called “Brut” where you can dance until dawn . They offer a reduced entrance fee as well.

A different listening experience during the day provides a museum called “Haus der Musik”. The ticket for EYCA holders is 8€. It is an interactive sound museum which provides an unconventional approach to music. Don't be mistaken, this is not only a great experience for children!
Another museum worth visiting for 8€ is “Museum Hundertwasser” named after one of Austria's most important painters of the last century. His distinct style is spread all around the city but he also left his footprints on buildings in Germany and Switzerland.
Also, if you have the chance to visit Vienna on a saturday and you are interested in Modern Art, you hit the jackpot! One of Vienna's biggest museums called “MAK” is for free on tuesdays from 18.00 – 22.00. On every other day it costs 5.50€ for EYCA holders if you are not under 19.
Another offer worth considering is the english movie theater “Burgkino” that sells tickets for 6€. (friday to sunday it is 7€)
For general information about any event happening during your stay, visit They also give you a reduced entrance fee on selected events as a EYCA member.
What are you waiting for? It's time to dive into Vienna's melting pot of arts and culture.


Published: Wed, 22/10/2014 - 17:49

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