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Apps Addiction

Technology has been involved to our lives in many different terms. We have met firstly with computers, cell phones and now tablets, smart phones and any other Android systems. Those new devices have brought also some new habits to our daily routine, as a part of modern technology.

During the day when we have a break, most of us have fun with the help of apps which occupy a space in our mobiles. Day by day, we get used to share the details from our lives with our followers via apps in any moment we want. If you are using your apps just when you are bored, you might consider yourself still as lucky. But, on the other hand, this new habit may seem as a modern addiction for some of us.  Because latest Internet Trends Report claims that an ordinary smart phone owner looks their device 150 times in a day. So, if you are starting to check your device regularly once you wake up, you should better face the reality that even you might be addiction to apps.
Currently, a new application which is called Pause has been developed to secure people from being app addicted. This application is just warning you with some notifications to have fun in your daily life. Basically to have those notifications, you just need to put your smart phone to Airplane Mode for a specific period and then you are telling what you are planning to do in that period. Afterwards, the application starts working and reminds you to do your plans.
This application with its motto as “Pause the digital. Start the real” seems helpful for most of us to escape away from time wasting applications and start having a real life.

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Didem Okumuş
European Movement Estonia NGO


Zveřejněno: so, 13/12/2014 - 11:52

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