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Art and entertainment

Art is something that has evolved along with people since the beginning of time.



Art is something that has evolved along with people since the beginning of time. Creativity, painting, handicraft, singing and dancing – all of these can be categorized under art. But not only the things mentioned because modern art has definitely more sides than that. There are paintings and sculptures, compositions and dance pieces, visual art and architecture and many more exciting things. Estonia is an exemplary country in art sphere because art is valued highly in this community.

Using creativity, children are urged to engage in kindergartens and schools to take part in different musical, art, theatre and handicraft activities. There are many art exhibitions, song contests and acting camps organized. These things are all organized to urge young people and to flatter older ones to participate actively in art life, make something creative themselves while educating their mind and soul.

Without a doubt one of the most important and glorious centres is the Art Museum of Estonia KUMU which offers visitors a wide spectrum of different forms of art. But you can also find exciting exhibitions in other museums that are highly valued and internationally recognized. For example The Museum of Estonian Architecture, Estonian National Museum, Museum for Puppet Arts or Occupation Museum etc. Choice is yours in the wide range of different museums in Estonia. Folklore is taken care of and art is valued and assessed. The Ministry of Culture consistently gives out Estonian Museum of the Year Awards to popularize dealing with art and keep up the interest and contributions to it.

Entertainment is also an area where Estonia has nothing to be ashamed of. Our theatre, musical and cultural life is remarkable because there are numerous events, parties, shows and concerts across Estonia every day. Things get especially hectic in summer time, when the weather is nice which lures the organizers to take risks and be more active because Estonians love open air shows, although the weather might not always be the best. It also has became very popular to have concerts in farm yards and theatre shows in barns. The projects are reaching out from the cities to the country sides so everyone can enjoy entertainment, culture and art everywhere.

Entertainment is a field which aims to give a break from everyday life, provide good humor and as the name says – to entertain. You can’t complain about absent of different actions or the quality of performers across Estonia because we have many internationally known artists born here. For example from the musical department we have Arvo Pärt, Rein Rannap, Kerli Kõiv, and Ewert and the Two Dragons who have brought worldwide honor and fame to Estonians.

But what kind of entertainment can you be involved in Estonia? Although you don’t answer a question with a question we still would like to ask what kind of entertainment can’t you be involved in Estonia?! For example we have canoe trips, all-year camping in swamps and bogs, you can practice cliff climbing on Türisalu cliff, Kiviõli mining offers a charge of adrenaline and you can go snowboarding on Tuhamäe or Kuutsemäe. Many theatre shows are also in English luring international crowd and even small towns are full of nightclubs and cinemas. Children will definitely like Vembu-Tembumaa and Vudila, we have Ahhaa-centers for all aged science hobbyists and of course all kinds of bowling alleys, water parks, hiking tracks, adventure parks, kart tracks and opera houses.

Estonia is small but we think big and thanks to that we have a lot to offer for everyone with different tastes in art and entertainment. You have to be active, creative and to know what you want. There probably already exists a place in Estonia where you can make your dreams come true. You can skydive, do aircraft flights and hot air balloon drives.