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Two 18 years old students created the first website focused on cooperation in Europe

Undivided Europe
Cooperation in EU
Two young high school students from Finland have recently created Undivided Europe, a non-profit website to promote the history and cooperation around the entire continent.

One evening, Juuso Järviniemi and Markus Nieminen, two eighteen year’s old students from Tampere (Finland), found out that there wasn´t a website focused on cooperation in entire Europe, just in European Union. That´s why they decided to create the first one. That is how Undivided Europe was born.

The new site features European history, various interactive projects, articles about recent events touching Europe and more. Past, present and future are the main sections of this webpage created with the purpose of promoting the sense of unity amongst Europeans.

In spite of their lack of time - because they both are in their last year of high school - Markus and Juuso update the content of their website almost every day: “we read daily about European issues, on the Internet or in the papers. That is how we create new articles and analysis, basically” – says Markus. They want to underline that this website is focused on cooperation in entire Europe, not only on European Union and they understand this website as a tool “to learn how cooperation in Europe works”.

Both Juuso and Markus are strongly interested in international affairs, actually, Juuso wants to study International Relations next year, and Markus wants to dedicate his life to something related with international business. “Take a chance, try different things to be involved in the society”- says Markus.“I know that there are people, who are not interested in this kind of things in society, but I believe that most of people, understand why it is important to make some kind of different projects like this”.

In that sense, they invite everybody who is interested in collaborating with them to share their content or stories about Europe. If you are interested in collaborating or sharing your experience, you can click here or follow their last news on its profiles on Twitter or Facebook, in where you can find additional content such as challenges and discussions. 

Article by Paula De La Torre Lopez


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