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People have always wanted to belong somewhere, even Maslow pyramid brings out social need to be part of something, to be accepted and loved.

People have always wanted to belong somewhere, even Maslow pyramid brings out social need to be part of something, to be accepted and loved.

For us to understand about the term, our own commune, we need to explain what a community is as a whole. Community is the congregation of people, who have similar beliefs and views, ideology and way of living. For example, commune can be comprised of school- or trainingpartners, whom you share the same value judgments with and do similar things together. Family, people from work, friends or relatives are also communities.

Often, a community is formed by people, who live near eachother, but it does not always have to be like that. Sometimes a commune can also be a whole nation, because they believe in the same ideology, traditions and beliefs. Community can also be formed by people all around the world – for example the supporters of some religion, who do not live near eachother and maybe have not even met in real life, but communicate through Internet.

One person can have several communities. For example, his family together with friends and relatives is his community. Also his other community can be the village or the city, he lives in. The even more bigger community can be the whole county or area and after that even a country. How strongly we feel being a part of some community, depends on the greatness of the group, common interests and collecting similar memories.

This is the reason why national culture, traditions and customs are beared in mind. Emphasizing the community, remembering the traditions and finding new members to the commune are reasons, why Estonian national museums hold so many good events, why our customs are remembered and a great deal is talked about dance and song festivals. For the same reason – people who are dancing in the festival and are spinning the yarn in the national museum, they feel that they are Estonians. That we are all one nation and we may look different, but our heart on ideology are the same.

This is a good thing, because in todays globalizing world, it is easy to “lose” your nation. Language is the same for many countries, English has even started to affect Estonian language. Even the money is the same in most of the EU countries and also the traditions and customs are melting together. From one side, it is good to have all-Europe-community, where millions of people feel as part of something bigger, but still, we want to preserve our national community, our lovely culture, tradition and customs. As the saying goes: “Lets be Europeans, but lets stay Estonians!”. That is how we should act – keep two different communities in our heart at the same time, European and our own national commune, because this is the only way, we can preserve our history together with culture. 

Offentliggjort: Man, 14/10/2013 - 15:25

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