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Estonian E-residency

E-residency, E-Estonia
Estonia is a well-known country especially with its innovative arrangements. As you may already know, the country is one of the countries which have e-state system. With that system, the citizens of the country have opportunity to do different governmental procedures just by becoming online.

And now, the country takes the case further and offers Estonian e-residency.

E-residency has been invited in Estonia in October 2014. The service enables everyone who has an internet access to involve in business, open a bank account and pursue some financial activities in Estonia. And the most impressive thing about that new system is that if you want to have the e-residency opportunity, actually you do not have to be in Estonia physically. So, if you are planning to invest in Estonia, with the help of that new system you will be very welcomed in the country.

If you would like to know how this system works, basically it is just about digital signature. So, mainly you will hold a card which has a microchip with security certificates. This microchip enables the card to be used with software installed or a card reader attached to the computer. And you will be asked to enter secure PIN codes which only you will know. These codes will help you to get access to the system, and after accession you will be able to sign any document.

On the other hand, this card will not be used as a travel document or as a physical ID-card, at least for now. Because the card itself will not have any photo of you. Therefore, you will not be accepted as a regular resident. 

To have the card, the person who is willing to have it must enter to Estonia personally, to fulfil the necessary paperwork. Unfortunately, at the moment Estonian embassies are not supplying it. But this is Estonia and there is a solution for almost everything to make the life easier for the citizens. So, it might be expected that one day, having that card will be even easier than today and you will be welcomed by the country in any terms.

If you want to know more about e-residency privilege, you can click the link below:     


Published: Wed, 17/12/2014 - 10:32

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