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The sphere of services in very big and substantial and often services as such are very natural and unobserved.


The sphere of services in very big and substantial and often services as such are very natural and unobserved. We take many services for granted and do not often recognize that we are using some kind of service. Only then, when some R-kiosk is shut in our favourite location, gas station is displaced with automatic gas station or even you have to self-service to park your car, we understand that we have been using services all the time. But now, when they are gone, we suddenly realize how necessary they were.

In a big picture, services can be divided into two  - one are those, which are assured by the country, and other are those, we buy for ourselves. The similar part is that both of those are actually financed by us. For the services given by the state we pay indirectly – by taxes. For usage of private enterpreuneuship services we pay directly and by ourselves.

National services are for example medical help, police and lifesaving service, the accessiblity of education, different infocenters, youth rooms and even infrastucture. The state offers also protective service, for example stands for their citizens, helps and protects them, when they are in trouble somewhere abroad, have lost their passport or something worse. We wish that our country would be there for us, but sometimes not understanding that we are using national services and have to pay for them. A lot of people curse the tax system, which takes more than half of our income, but we want to drive on in order roads, have good policework and the help of the country when we are in trouble. When we want those things, we also have to pay to the country for the services.

More services are in the private sector – hairdressers, restaurants, water-parks, massages, priced parking lots, dog hotels etc. Offering services in one of the most popular forms of enterpreneurship. A big part of enterprises are bult on consumption and they are directly depending on our purchasing power. For example beekeepers, seamstressers, builders etc - they all offer services.

The offer and usage of services in regulated by The Estonian Consumer Protection Board, who everyday deals with protecting the rights of both consumer and businessman, solve conflicts and draws attention to problematic areas, which are important for service providers and consumers.

Estonia is very advanced on one area – e–services. For example we have e-state and option to do different procedures online. These services, that are accessible via Internet in todays Estonia, have raised our state together with ID-card readers, to a very high position in the world. Thanks to e-state system, we can make contracts, pay bills, order merchandise and connect with different institutions and officials without even leaving the house! It is a very positive thing in todays procedures and a luxury that other countries only dream about.