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Michael Roth: "Investing in youth is investing in the future"

The German Minister of State, Michael Roth, was invited to Tallinn, Estonia, in where he held a conference titled "Germany and Estonia, common challenges, shared values“. One of the points that he handled was the youth unemployment.


"The relations between Germany and Estonia have never been better". The German Minister of State, Michael Roth, started his conference with these words: "European Union should be strong political and economically, but also in terms of social cohesion.  In this sense, our main goal is promoting the employment.

After that, Roth focused his speech in five points:

The first one was the future of the economy. Here, he pointed out that European Union is recovering of the economical crisis. However, the things have to change to the better direction. In that sense, he underlined that there is a traumatic level of youth unemployment in a lot of countries, especially in Southern Europe.  With this idea, he started to handle the second point of the conference: Europe 2020 strategy, asserting that now is a perfect moment to improve the policies. "More than ever, today European Union is able to strengthen the social cohesion regarding to resolve the problem of the youth unemployment".

After these ideas, he based his speech on another three different points: the European neighbourhood policy, the European energy policy and the common values between European citizenship.

About the first topic, he focused on the Ukrainian crisis affirming that "this is also the crisis of our relations with Russia“. In this sense, he underlined that Germany won´t accept the policy that separate Ukraine and will impose economic sanctions to Russia: "Because we won´t tolerate Russian threats against the stability of European Union".

Regarding to the European energy policy, Roth insisted in the idea that EU is more than one single market and monetary Union to conclude the conference affirming that European Union have common values. In that sense he pointed out that "we have to intensify our efforts to cooperate together. In order to strengthen solidarity and social cohesion, we have to make European Union stronger, and, in this sense, Baltic countries in general and Estonia in particular, has a lot to do". 

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Published: Fri, 24/10/2014 - 18:09

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