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Your rights as an EU traveller – in an app!

Everyone knows a few horror stories about passengers made to wait endlessly for their flight or whose baggage went missing after having been accidentally sent to another airport...

Most people have no idea what they can and can’t demand from the airline in such cases. If it happens to you, it’s good to know your rights. Various agreements exist within the EU to protect the rights of passengers in the event of an emergency en route.

The European Commission has now launched a mobile app containing all the rules for air and train travel. Available to download free of charge, the app tells you exactly what your rights are in different situations. No matter where you are, you can quickly look up what to do if your suitcase has gone missing or you’ve been bumped from a flight because it was overbooked.

This informational app is available for Apple iPhone/iPad, Google Android, RIM Blackberry and Microsoft Windows Phone 7. The app doesn’t require an Internet connection after it has been installed on your device. Plus, it’s available in 22 languages.

With all your rights set out in this handy app, you’re good to go! After all, did you know...

… That you’re always entitled to compensation or assistance from the airline company in the event of major delays?

For example, they have to give you access to a phone and give you something to eat or possibly money for meals if the wait is long. If you have to stay overnight, you’re entitled to accommodation or transport to an accommodation at the airline’s expense. In the last case, the delay has to be significant:

  •   two hours or more for flights of up to 1,500 km;
  •   three hours or more for flights of between 1,500 and 3,500 km.

… That you’re entitled to a reimbursement of up to 1,200 euros if your baggage is damaged, lost or delayed?

If your baggage is damaged, it’s important to submit a claim to the airline within seven days after the bags are returned to you, otherwise you forfeit this right. In the case of delayed baggage, you have to submit a claim within 21 days after their return.

… That if you have a physical disability or mobility problems, you’re entitled to travel at the same level of comfort as every other passenger?

If that’s not the case, the rail or airline company has to pay compensation.


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Published: Fri, 20/06/2014 - 10:20

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