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Do you want to rent an apartment for your holidays in Estonia?

Have you been an Erasmus in Estonia and you miss it? Are you planning to meet with your friends whom you met in Estonia again? Or are you thinking of travelling to Estonia for pleasure and would you like to share a flat for a short term with your friends?

Then, we will propose you some options to rent an apartment!

If you are planning to spend your Christmas Holidays, or New Year´s Eve enjoying one of the best Christmas Markets in the world or drinking Glög, the famous hot wine in the capital, of Estonia, Tallinn, we propose you two interesting options, both located in the heart of the old town: One are the apartments of the Group Erel and the other are the apartments of the group Goodson and Red.

If you are thinking about live again your student times, and you want to come back to Tartu or just visit this fabulous city for the first time, the houses of Taevaskoja Puhkekeskus , might be the best option if, in addition of visiting the city, you would like to enjoy the nature. 

If you have decided to travel around Estonia and know other cities like Rakvere, one option is the guesthouse of Eisma in where you can relax enjoying the fantastic seascape in the outskirts of the city. 
And, of course, if you prefer postpone your visit to Estonia until July or August, the best city to visit during the hottest months is Pärnu, the capital of the summer in Estonia. If you are planning to spend some days in one of the best beaches in Estonia, you have different options to rent an apartment there. One of this is the apartments Green Villa B&B located in the old town of Pärnu. Another option can be apartments Villa Katariina, located in the promenade of this city. 

If you prefer a quiet place in the outskirts of the city, you can check the full of history apartment of Klaara Manni in Randvälja village or Maria Talu, where you can enjoy your holidays in a farm, doing different activities like bird watching or riding horses. 

And very important! Don´t forget that with your European Youth Card you have interesting discounts in all of these apartments! You can check it here

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