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What is travelling? Of course travelling is education!

Well, when I met this donkey in Cyprus, I really felt we are the same.
Well, when I met this donkey in Cyprus.
What is travelling? Of course travelling is education. My another first step will be towards Russia. What is your first step?


What is travelling?

            As a young man I have travelled quite a lot. And now as I am preparing for my EVS, I wonder what is travelling for me. Is it a way to pass time, enjoy life, or is it means to escape something, someone?  For sure I know travelling is a way to time travel. Europe ( sadly have not been out of Europe much) is full of stories, places, magic and tales from future and past. So many nations, churches and folk tales – just open up your heart and eyes and travel. One thing is that you can wander in many centuries, but also time will pass quickly, since travel inspiration and enthusiasm makes the world merrier and faster.

 I was always blown away by H.G Wells´  “ The Time Machine”. I read it in Portugal, while taking the train from Aveiro to Coimbra. Coimbra with its manoline architecture, cobbled stoned streets and students wearing the black capes – those that inspired to J.K Rowling to write Harry Potter. Maybe then travelling can be inspiring. I remember my written travel stories or even letters to my family and friends.

Or maybe is travelling a restart, fresh start. New buildings, people, nature, languages and sounds and customs. You see new and you feel now. That is why we have many best selling books about “ going to India and finding oneself” or “ did so much coke in Latin America but after heart attack changed my life”. ( Actually, I think there is no such book). I also tried to change or restart myself. It is easier when everything is new. It is easier to fake it while you make it, because “ new world” does not know you yet. At the same time it can be all illusion, past can catch you and you feel the same or even worse.

But sometimes it feels like magic. You feel like a kid again. You meet those happy people and new stories, maybe even fall in love. This is your fairytale. You become innocent and more tolerant. Travelling exposes you to many nations, sexualities, races, colors, temperaments and characters. The main thing it teaches you – we are different a bit, but also the same. If you do not know, you fear. If you know, you understand: the only difference is good and bad people. If you differentiate by some other factor you are ignorant or borderline stupid. They say that donkeys are stupid.. Well, when I met this donkey in Cyprus, I really felt we are the same. Now I have Bachelor and I think he still just eats, takes care of small donkeys and sh..ts.


Of course travelling is education. Erasmus plus programmes are must for young individuals. Next to languages, seminars and studies, it is a way to learn about yourself, Europe, world, humanity, friendship, personal skills, life, god and tolerance. I always look at young people weirdly when they say I wish I could have an opportunity to travel. What? We have so many programs, seminars, projects, grants, couchsurfing, yufu, workaway to do that! To even get money or some grant for it!

We live in the best time. Borders are open, grants are available, people have opened their hearts and homes. It is time to pack our bags, point at the place on the map and just go. Do not expect, do not worry, just take the first step. My another first step will be towards Russia. What is your first step?


Krismar Rosin, volunteer in Krasnoyarsk, Russia 2016/2017). INVOLVED ngo (Sending organisation - Estonia)


Published: Thu, 01/12/2016 - 14:39

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