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History, nature and beach in Poland: a world to explore

The city of Wroclaw, in Poland
Eating the famous "pieroghi" in a square full of history, climbing the mountains of Zakopane or discovering the recent past of Europe walking around Auschwitz,

By Paula de la Torre 

These are only  few things to do in Poland. Are you planning to visit this country during your holidays? Then, don´t forget to take along your European Youth Card! There you have more than 4000 discounts and a lot of things to do and see!

Full of history and close to Estonia, you can arrive to Poland even by bus and if you are planning to rent a car to visit different places in this country, first of all, you should know that with the company Europcar you have a discount of 10%!

And, in addition to discounts in accommodation, you have also benefits in the different places to visit in Poland:

Starting with the capital, if you pass by Warsaw, don`t forget to visit the Royal Castle:  together with the Old Town was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and, with your EYC you have a reduced ticket. Also in Warsaw you have an interesting discount in the Historical Museum, in where you can enjoy various collections in the fields of archaeology, painting, sculpture, numismatics or architectural drawings.

But if you go to Poland you must visit Krakow, maybe one of the most beautiful cities in the country: there you can benefit of a reduced ticket in different galleries like the National Museum, the Museum of Insurance Industry,  the Botanical Garden of Jagiellonian University and specially, in a place that you should visit, very close to the city, the Salt Mine Museum, in Wieliczka, in where you can admire the sculptures in salt built by mine-workers through the history, and the Santa Kinga`s Chapel inside.  

On the other hand, if you feel like going to the beach and you are thinking of going to Gdansk, you should know that you have a 40% discount on the entrance of the Lighthouse, one of the most beautiful and ancient lighthouses of the Baltic Sea. Also in Gdansk, you have a reduced ticket in the National Museum, and in different branch of Central Sea Museum, like the Museum Zuraw or the Ship – Museum Soldek, so don´t miss the opportunity to visit something different!

But if you decide to visit other cities in this country as Malbork, you should visit the Castle´s Museum in and if you pass by the city of Frombork, the Museum of Mikolaj Kopernik. In both you have also discounts showing your EYC!

Furthermore, if you want to have a break, you should know that the European Youth Card offers you a lot of discounts in restaurants in Poland too: for example, in fast food Italian restaurants like Telepizza, you can have a discount of 55%! And in the cafeterias like Costa Coffee, you have a discount of 20%!

So…different choices for different tastes…don´t miss the opportunity to visit Poland always in good company with your European Youth Card! 

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