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Between Vienna and Venice: Ljubljana, a wonderful place to discover

Ljubliana, tha capital of Slovenia
Are you planning to visit Ljubljana? Did you know that Lonely Planet says the capital of Slovenia is a number two on the best in Europe list? Young people love it, because it is a lively city, small and easy to come round!

By Paula de la Torre

Furthermore, this year Ljubljana celebrates 2000 years of Emona: Two thousand years ago, the Roman city of Emona stood on the site of the present-day city. In 2014, in celebration of the anniversary, Ljubljana will host a vibrant programme of events and experiences aimed at evoking the atmosphere of Roman times from 22th to 24th of August.


So…if you are planning to spend some days in the capital of Slovenia, we will give you some advice in order to save money with your European Youth Card (EYC)!


First of all, if you want to have a walk by the city guided by a professional, you should know that with your EYC you have a discount of 3.50 Euros off in the guided tours of the city!


If, after this tourist tour you have still time to visit the most important places, don´t forget to visit Ljubljana castle! There you have a discount of 28-55% off on tickets and funicular!


Furthermore, you have also interesting discounts on accommodation! For example, you can benefit of 10% off in Hostel Park or 15% off in an overnight in Gostilna s preničišči Pri Mraku. At the same place you can eat and drink also with a 15% discount!


Besides this, if you are interested in visiting some museums, you have also discounts in some of them. For example you can benefit 35% discount in Ljubljana City Museum, 55% discount in the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) and Slovene Etnographic Museum and 64% off in the ticket of the National Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia.


Finally, if you are thinking of visiting other cities in Slovenia or maybe pass by Vienna or Venice, the company Avant car offers you 30% off on the price of the car rental showing your European Youth Card, so, don´t hesitate to take it along with you and enjoy this beautiful country!

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