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Visiting Croatia with you European Youth Card

Are you thinking of visiting Croatia in the summer? Swimming in the Mediterranean or Adriatic Sea, walking around the medieval cities or eating seafood in a Konoba, a traditional tavern in this country...

By Paula de la Torre

Between the charm of the Middle Age and the beach, these are only some things that you can do in this amazing country: The place in where the tie was invented, offers also wonderful trips in the national and natural parks, from Istria to the south of Dalmatia, or extremely beautiful views in places as Dubrovnik, declared a world heritage centre by UNESCO.

If you are planning to explore this country, first of all, you should know that you have a 10% discounts in overnights in different hostels of the network Hostelling International in different cities! In particular, you have discounts in:  Youth Hostel Zagreb, Youth Hostel Zadar, Youth Hostel Dubrovnik, Youth Hostel Pula, Youth Hostel Rijeka and Youth Hostel Veli Lošinj! So...if you are planning to visit some of these cities, don´t miss the opportunity!

But, if you are thinking of visiting more than one city, you can also take advantage of interesting discounts in national transportation! For example, the company Autotransport Sibenik, offers 10% discount on one way & return tickets, Autotrans, 20% off on one way and 35% off on return tickets, or Brioni offers 30% discount on return tickets as well.

Furthermore, if you are thinking of spending a long period in this beautiful country, you should know that with your EYCA, you have 25% discount in Croatian Railways on the regular transportation cost for an unlimited number of one-way and return trips in the first or second class wagon trains of all kinds on the routes longer than 25 km!

Now, we will tell you the best discounts depending on the city, starting with the capital. If you visit Zagreb and are you interested in archaeology, then, you should visit the Archaeological Museum, in where with your EYCA you pay only 50% of the ticket, or if you prefer spending the evening in the Teatar &TD, you have also a 25% discount in your ticket.

Furthermore, if you like reading and you want to buy some books with 15% discount, in the same city you can pass by the bookstore Antikvarijat-knjižara Studio, and show there your EYCA.

But discounts are not only available in the capital! Another interesting city is Rijeka, well known for her harbour and for being the city of the archbishopric. In here, you can have many discounts in museums and theatres too! For instance, showing your EYCA you can buy your ticket for the Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral with a 30% off or go to the Croatian National Theatre paying only 50% of the ticket!

So...if you decide to go to Croatia, don´t forget to enjoy taking along your European Youth Card!


Published: Fri, 24/10/2014 - 16:56

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