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Traineeship opportunities

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© - skynesher
Traineeships are probably the best way of familiarising yourself with the working world while gaining practical experience and skills for your future career.

Traineeships are temporary learning experiences, from 3 months to a year, usually after graduating but before your first job. In some cases, though, you may be required to complete a traineeship in order to graduate.

This time is your opportunity to apply the knowledge you’ve gained during your education in a real workplace setting. All traineeships should offer you exposure to an occupation, industry or career field, with a clear focus and specific project for you to complete. Your tasks and the expected learning outcomes should be laid down in a written traineeship agreement.


However, not all traineeships follow these guidelines – which is why the European Youth Forum has drafted a Charter towards quality internships and apprenticeships. This document aims to establish legal quality criteria for traineeships and calls on providers to commit to quality standards.


Whether at home or abroad, in international organisations, public institutions or private companies, there are many traineeship opportunities both in and outside Europe. Eurodesk provides an up-to-date list of such traineeship opportunities.


If you have started on vocational education and training, you can do your work placement outside Denmark with the PIU-scheme that contributes to the expenses for transportation and housing. It is Arbejdsgivernes Uddannelsesbidrag  - AUB ((the Employers' Reimbursement System) that takes care of the financial support.