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Europe Calling – Idea Competition

Do you have some ideas on how the European Parliament could connect more efficiently with young people? It’s time to speak up!

The competition invites young people between 18 and 30 years old (as of June 2018), EU citizens or resident in the EU, to find an answer to the following question:

"How can the European Parliament connect better with young people and engage them more in the European democratic debate?"


In your answer, you can focus on different aspects of "connecting" to young people:

How would you broaden the debate on EU affairs for young people?

How would you reach out to young people who are not members of any youth organisation or don't have access to already existing EU programmes and information yet?

What could be done to strengthen the EP's presence at regional and local level?

How could young people's needs and wishes be better understood and how could young people be - ultimately - more involved in European elections and EU decision making?


A jury will select the three authors of the best proposals, and will award them with a trip to the EYE2018 (travel and accommodation costs will be covered). Winners will also have the chance to take part as experts in a workshop focusing on engaging with young people.In addition, the winning proposals will be published on the EYE2018 website and in a special edition of the European Youth Press' Orange Magazine.


Deadline: 31st January 2018.

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Published: Mon, 29/01/2018 - 14:35

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