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European Elections 2014: Are you voting?

In the last European elections most of the young people that didn’t vote pointed the lack of information as the main reason. Now European youth organisations want to change that situation.

League of Young Voters


The European Youth Forum launched the League of Young Voters in partnership with VoteWatch Europeand the International Debate Education Association with the main goal of increasing youth participation in the European Parliament elections by also increasing the level of youth-related information available about the elections and encouraging political parties and candidates to directly target young people in their campaigns.


The League will establish an online platform, which will contain:

1) All the information needed in order to vote and to make an informed choice

2) A tool which asks young people which issues concern them most (these issues will be taken up by political parties and integrated in their election campaign; this is regulated by an agreement);

3) A comparative table on the expressed youth issues as they appear in political party manifestos;

4) A live debate channel, that can host debates between candidates for the Commission presidency and young people;

5) A Votematch tool in order to gage one’s political affiliation;

6) Educational games and tools.



Y Vote 2014


Launched by AEGEE-Europe the Y Vote 2014 initiative aims at raising awareness among young people towards the European elections. The Y Vote 2014 project wishes to empower young people to make an informed choice with actions both on European and local level. Among the activities there will be the creation of a voting guide, with information ranging from how the EU works to the political groups, as well as their programmes and vision of Europe. AEGEE is also planning bus tours in several EU member states and youth conventions to develop a set of recommendations for MEPs in the form of a Youth Agenda, addressing such topics as education, mobility, youth unemployment, the impact of the crisis and EU Neighbourhood Policy.


The situation now


Flash Eurobarometers survey asked young people aged 15-30 whether they planned to vote in the European Parliament Elections in 2014. Almost two thirds (64%) of young Europeans said yes, while around one third (35%) said they are not likely to vote.