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Disabilities shouldn't be barriers

© - Yuri Arcurs
© - Yuri Arcurs
80 million Europeans live with some form of disability. That’s about 15% of the whole population. Despite the large numbers, some people feel isolated and are left unable to fully enjoy their freedom of movement in the EU like others can.



All EU citizens have the right to move to another EU country to live, work or study but, if you have a disability, you may find you don’t have the same opportunities in practice.

You may come up against barriers when studying, looking for a job, travelling, purchasing goods and services or simply accessing information.


Freedom of movement

The European Disability Forum has launched a campaign to remove all barriers for people with disabilities. The main goal is to convince others, especially employers and public services, to adapt.

  • The European Accessibility Act introduced accessibility requirements across the EU covering goods and services.
  • The European Mobility Card makes it easier for you to travel to other EU countries if you have a disability. The card allows you to access certain services under the same conditions as nationals with disabilities.


What can you do?

  1. Download the campaign’s toolkit and become an Ambassador for Freedom of Movement.
  2. Print the flyer and spread the word about the campaign in your school, university, workplace and wherever you go.