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Erasmus+ Quiz: What Erasmus type are you?

How do you feel about living abroad? Could see yourself studying or working long-term in another country? Find out which Erasmus+ type you are in this quiz, then compare with your friends!

Being for a short or for a long term in an international environment sounds like a dream come true for some people. It means the opportunity to establish intercultural contacts, have a valuable insight into a different culture, learn a language and grow as a person. To other people, however, it might be a complete nightmare. Indeed, leaving your comfort zone can be scary.


Before going abroad, some questions might have been raised: "should I leave my parents, my friends and my home to study abroad? will it be a great chance or horrible because I will be homesick all the time?". Indeed, being abroad is only a good idea if it is something you may enjoy otherwise you will not be able to have a positive experience. Find out what Erasmus type are you by doing the Erasmus + Quiz and see whether you are ready to go overseas for the first, second or third time already! 

Published: Tue, 30/08/2016 - 08:58

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