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Sporting activities on holiday

© - YanLev
© - YanLev
Do you fancy taking part in group sports? Why not combine sporting activities and holidays? You could spend your vacation time abroad or in Germany as part of an international youth group – for example, sailing, hiking, cycling or inline skating.

How would you like to spend 10 days swimming, skating or surfing on the Baltic Sea as part of an international youth group? Or would you prefer sailing on the Mediterranean? Sports-based travel gets you involved in sports during your vacation time. The programme database allows you to search for sporting holiday operators under “Sports Meetings/Hiking” or “International Holiday Meetings/Sports Meetings”. The operators offer domestic as well as international travel. For general information about holiday and leisure activities please check here.


You can find lots of sporting activities with other young people, competent supervision and excellent holiday destinations and accommodation through the German Sports Youth Association, the umbrella association for sports organizations. Its members – regional youth sports organizations and the youth divisions of national sports associations – also offer sporting holidays for young people. The German Sports Youth Association member organizations are listed here.


First point of contact for cycling fans is the Mitradelzentrale of the General German Bicycle Club (Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club) – you’ll find cyclists from all over Germany looking for touring partners. Or would you rather travel the world on eight wheels? Go to the Inline-Skating Route Guide and find your preferred route through Europe or the USA. For exploring Europe on foot, has information about hiking trails, overnight accommodation and maps for ten European countries. And if you prefer water: sailing clubs as well as commercial operators offer a number of sailing trips, sailing holidays and international youth meetings. The Sail Training Association Germany offers subsidies for sailing trips and/or safety training.

Published: Fri, 24/05/2013 - 13:05

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