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Sports meetings for young people

© Armin Turudic / Eurodesk Germany
© Armin Turudic / Eurodesk Germany
Sport is great fun and keeps you fit. And sport creates connections, for example, through international sports meetings for young people. So – stop being a couch potato, get out and have fun! We show you how.

Sports and other outdoor activities help improve your health. Physical activity plays an important part in preventing illness: it makes your heart stronger and improves circulation and muscle power. A good workout doesn’t just make you physically stronger, it also reduces stress levels and makes you feel great.


If you want to enjoy sports and physical activities with others, preferably abroad, you’ll find a number of options available to you. One of them is an international sports youth exchange. 


The International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) brings together sports, culture and youth organizations from all over the world. On its website you’ll find an exciting range of sports and training activities in many countries and for all age groups.


The Franco-German Youth Office, the National Olympic Committee in France and the German Sports Youth Association co-operate to provide German-French sports exchanges and they also offer various sponsorships and grants for sports clubs and associations. For an overview of programmes visit the Franco-German Youth Office Sports Exchange website.


Another option for joining others in sports ventures is the EU Youth in Action programme. The programme enables you to set up and run your own youth initiative. Previous youth initiatives included, for example, setting up a beach volleyball court and running a surfing project.