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No more bullying

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Being jostled, excluded, ridiculed, having rumours spread about you or your sports gear swiped – when a person keeps being harassed by others over a long period of time, that’s bullying. Has this happened to you? This article tells you where to get help or how to help others.

Being bullied isolates you, and it is hard to try and deal with the situation on your own. That’s why it’s so important to find people to support you. But often it isn’t that easy to pluck up the courage and become proactive.


There are many who can help you take a stand against bullying. At school, teachers should intervene, and outside of school your parents should be your first port of call. Other adults such as grandparents, aunts, neighbours or a friend’s parents might also be able to help you find a solution. The most important thing is to confide in someone!


You can also ring one of the hotlines.

  • In Germany, “Nummer gegen Kummer”, the largest hotline for children and young people in distress, is free of charge. The number does not appear on the phone bill and callers can remain anonymous. The hotline number is 0800 111 0333 or, if calling from a mobile, 116 111. Opening hours are Monday to Saturday 2 pm to 8 pm. On Saturdays, the hotline is operated by young people.
  • Calls to the “Telefonseelsorge” crisis helpline are also anonymous and free of charge. The helplines are operated by the two major Christian churches:
  • the Protestant helpline number is 0800 111 0 111
  • the Catholic helpline number is 0800 111 0 222 
  • Support and advice, both in person and by telephone, for children and young people on all questions concerning bullying is available at the Youth Information Centre Munich, telephone: 089 550 521 50, opening hours Monday to Friday 1 pm to 6 pm.


You can find out about contacting local advice centres at, for example, Caritas, Weißer Ring e.V., and For anonymous and free online support, you could go to It runs forums dealing with all kinds of issues, where questions are answered by young advisors, experts and other readers who are interested in your problems. Other sites, such as and, have experts at hand to offer support. Online-consultation time is available at