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European map on energy turnaround

Oxfam hungry for climate action at Durban Climate Conference
Oxfam hungry for climate action at Durban Climate Conference (© Flickr, Oxfam International)
Who does what where for climate protection? What projects exist in the field of renewable energies? All this information is bundled on an interactive overview map. Anyone can join and submit his example.

Supported by the European Union a large network of organizations, institutions, regional and local authorities and other energy actors developes a common European energy policy map:


The map already gathers 50.000 concrete project examples for the use of renewable energies and energy efficiency and related local information. They can be filtered by technology. In addition, you can search for energy-cities, service providers, energy-regions or actors.


Anyone who is committed to climate protection is called to enter his project in the map, also to inspire others to become active aswell.


Published: Tue, 18/11/2014 - 12:22

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