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The Immigrant’s Business Plan: Start-Up Support for Migrants

© - Ross C
© - Ross C
How can a person with a migrant background successfully set up in business? An online guide provides support and answers.

Migrants often find it difficult to find their way in Germany’s work environment. Despite this, many venture into self-employment, making best use of the opportunity to take their professional future into their own hands. However, many questions arise in connection with setting up in business, questions of a cultural, economic and legal nature. 


There’s no need to be discouraged by all these questions – the best way to a successful start-up is good, sound advice. This is where “IBP – The Immigrant’s Business Plan” can help. Seven organizations from five different countries (Germany, France, Belgium, Greece and the Czech Republic) developed an Online Guide to provide support and advice to entrepreneurs with a migrant background.


The Guide provides answers to three important questions for all who wish to become self-employed:

  • Which EU programmes are available to financially support small and medium-sized enterprises? 
  • What requirements must a coach or consultant meet in addition to his/her professional expertise? 
  • What abilities should an entrepreneur bring to the table?

The Guide is also aimed at careers advisors, who can use it to advise future entrepreneurs and support them during their integration into the labour market. For budding entrepreneurs, the Guide is an invaluable source of practical advice that helps them recognize their own strengths and abilities.


The Guide is available as a download in English and the languages of participating countries.

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