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The European Freelancers’ Manifesto

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Freelancers and the self-employed are a growing and vital part of the European economy. The Freelancers’ Manifesto calls for the following: Recognise freelancers! Give us access! Count us! Give us a voice! Treat us fairly!

The European Freelancers Movement set up the Freelancer’s Manifesto after the European Parliament elections in 2014 to ensure that politicians would listen to the concerns and interests of freelancers.

This is what they are calling for: 


  • Recognise freelancers!
    Give us official status at all levels of government and administration. Realise that we are not the same as small and medium-sized enterprises. Remember us when you create laws and policies that affect us.
  • Give us access!
    Ensure that freelancers have access to all government services, to training and funding programs, and that they can bid for official contracts without discrimination.
  • Count us!
    Include us in all official statistics and study our demographic better than to date. Don’t put us together with all the other small and medium-sized business categories.
  • Give us a voice!
    Talk to our representatives, give us a seat at the table and appoint an EU freelancers’ envoy to champion our concerns.
  • Treat us fairly!
    Pay us on time. Set up contracts that treat us ethically.

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