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How to write a business plan

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If you want to become self-employed you need a business plan. But what is it anyway? What should you include? And how extensive does it need to be?

A business plan summarizes your business idea and describes what is new about your project. In addition, the business plan should make clear the benefits of your product or your service.


The business plan helps you to scrutinize the feasibility of your business idea. It also serves as an information document for potential donors.


How extensive you business plan has to be depends on your project.


This information should it contain in any case:

  • background information on the founder person, so on you, your experience and expertise
  • description of your business idea, your product or service
  • depiction of the market: who are the customers and is there competition?
  • presentation of your marketing strategy: who will buy your product or your service? And why?
  • description of the organisationb: how will your business look like, how many employees and what legal form should it have?
  • explanation of the risks and opportunities
  • Financial plan: what costs, revenues and profits do you envisage?
  • if necessary other documents such as your resume, lease, cooperative agreements, etc.



In the Internet there are numerous templates for creating a business plan, for example on, or


Assistance in preparing a business plan you will also find at start-up initiatives and incubators.

Published: Mon, 01/09/2014 - 11:57

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