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The Federal Administration – Your Employer?

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Working within the Federal Administration – that’s mountains of paperwork and endless filing, right? Wrong! The federal authorities offer more than 130 different professional training programmes, from police officer to film production assistant or power engineer.

The civil service is Germany’s largest employer. The Federal Administration alone offers a multitude of professional training programmes and apprenticeships: countrywide, the various ministries and federal authorities run job training schemes for over 130 different occupations. Apart from traditional clerical jobs, you could train as a geomatics engineer, a bespoke tailor or a laboratory technician. For some occupations, you can also enter a dual vocational training system. is the Federal Administration’s information site about career opportunities for young professionals. 


Current training and apprenticeship vacancies


Each federal ministry is responsible for a multitude of federal authorities. Ministries and their authorities are located throughout Germany’s federal states, to ensure a nationwide infrastructure. For you, that means you’ll be able to find employment at or near your hometown. Aktuelle Ausbildungsplätze der Bundesverwaltung (a database of current training vacancies within the Federal Administration) is available at The area search function (Umkreissuche) allows you to search for vacancies by location and sort the results by occupation and closing date for application.


What occupations can you choose from?


The federal authorities offer training in some 130 officially recognized professions. In addition to the usual administrative occupations, there are a great number of other careers to choose from, such as chef, gardener, animal carer, mechatronics engineer or IT specialist. This site provides an overview of all the training and apprenticeship programmes available. A certificate of secondary education (Haupt- oder Realschulabschluss) is required to enter any of these programmes. The Federal Administration also offers around 30 training programmes for various careers within the civil service, ranging from typical administrative positions within the various layers of federal government to the Federal Police Department, the Federal Office of Criminal Investigation, customs or the meteorological service. 


Applying without a German passport?


You would like to work within the Federal Administration, but are concerned that you won’t be able to because you have no German passport? No problem! If your residence permit allows you to be gainfully employed, you are able to enter a professional training or apprenticeship programme. If you are unsure whether this applies to you, please contact your local “Ausländerbehörde”, the regional or municipal immigration office. Regular employment is open to persons of all nationalities, but to become a “Beamter” (a civil servant), you need to be either a EU citizen or a citizen of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland.

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