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Finding a job in Germany

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© - FotolEdhar_0
Germany offers many jobs with exciting career opportunities. Learn more about finding a job and what you need to clarify before you are able to work in the Federal Republic of Germany. tells you all about the German labour market, what makes it so attractive to international personnel and their families, and why Germany is such a good place to live and work. The website contains all the important information for living and forging a career in Germany, and advises on the initial steps to take once you are in Germany. You’ll learn about the sectors of industry currently looking for skilled personnel and what the conditions are for taking up work in Germany.


People who gained professional qualifications abroad will most likely be able to work in their chosen profession in Germany. Qualifications gained in other countries may often be officially recognized in Germany and to find out whether your professional qualification is amongst those that qualify for recognition, check this website Recognition in Germany for the relevant contacts and also for important advice and documents about recognition procedures.