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Holiday Jobs: What Type Of Work At What Age?

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You'd like to use the holidays to earn some extra cash? Careful: if you're school-aged, the type of work you're allowed to do depends on your actual age.

Under 13 years old – not allowed to work

If you haven't completed your 13th year, you are not allowed to work during the holidays. This is a basic legal requirement according to the Young Persons Employment Act ("Jugendarbeitsschutzgesetz").


13 to 15 years old – two hours of holiday work per day

If you are 13,14, or 15 years old, you're allowed to do light work such as babysitting or paper rounds, but ONLY during the holidays. You're allowed to do this type of holiday job for up to two hours a day, five days a week, provided you have your parents' permission.


From 15 years onwards – 40 hours per week during holiday time

If you're still at school, you are allowed to work for a total of four weeks a year – but only during the holidays. You can either work for four weeks in a row or divide them up between different holiday periods, always ensuring there are no more than 40 hours of work per week and eight working hours per day.


From 16 years onwards – home time by 10 p.m.

From age 16, you are (in theory) permitted to start work at 5 a.m. – for example, if you're working at a baker's – or work until 9 p.m. or, if you are working in the catering industry, until 10 p.m. Another exception is holiday work in agriculture: during harvesting, you are permitted nine instead of eight hours of work a day.


From 18 years onwards – from holiday-job to "mini-job"

Are you of legal age? Then you may work for up to 50 days per year or two months in a row. If you work for longer periods of time, this will no longer be regarded as a holiday-job but as marginal employment – a so-called "mini-job".

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