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Implementing the EU Youth Guarantee in Germany

Fighting youth unemployment is one of Europe's most pressing challenges. What is the Federal Government doing to find job placements for young Germans? And who are the key contacts?

The Youth Guarantee scheme is a new concept for combating youth unemployment. It aims to ensure that all young people under 25 years of age – whether registered with unemployment services or not – receive a good-quality, concrete job offer within four months of leaving formal education or becoming unemployed.


This concept was endorsed by the EU countries, including Germany, in April 2013 (Council Recommendation).


The German cabinet decided on a national EU Youth Guarantee implementation plan. This plan outlines what the Federal Government would like to do to implement the EU Youth Guarantee in Germany, and it describes the advice, support, and placement facilities available to young people.


According to research, Germany already largely fulfils Youth Guarantee recommendations. Therefore, the focus in Germany now is to further strengthen the trend to reduce youth unemployment. Since the German dual education system is proving quite successful, and very good advisory and support structures are already in place, the plan concentrates on improving the transition from school to employment.


The central point of reference for implementing the Youth guarantee scheme in Germany is the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. It is responsible for setting up, administering, and coordinating this partnership at all levels and in all types of employment. Another key player in the implementation of this strategy is the Federal Employment Agency. Jobcentres and local authorities need to improve the way they interlink when providing services for young people. Some towns and cities offer Youth Employment Agencies, local centres that provide help and advice to young people transitioning from school to employment.  

Published: Fri, 29/08/2014 - 13:01

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