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33 jobs in 33 countries

© Jan Lachner /
© Jan Lachner /
Flamenco teacher in Spain, farmer in Romania and amber based jewellery producer in Lithuania: Jan Lachner, a young Franco-German, has tested 33 jobs in 33 European countries. For more about his experiences, read on.

Imagine you wake up in a different country every week, doing a different job. Sounds crazy? Jan Lachner has done just that. His curiosity about other people and cultures gave him an unusual idea: he worked in 33 different European countries, doing 33 different jobs - each one for a week. For example, he learned to draw Guinness in Ireland, produce amber jewellery in Lithuania and manufacture alphorns in Switzerland. You can read all about Jan's marathon jobbing experiences on his website


"The project would have been impossible without the right to work in any other EU country," Lachner says. "I'm a European through and through. I leap across borders as easily as crossing the road. My project is designed to show people a real-life example of the idea of Europe." His project shows the uniqueness of the various countries as well as their common ground. He wants to encourage everybody to be proactive, if only by extending their own professional horizons and reaching out for new ways of transcending their educational and professional experiences. The young Franco-German completed his exciting project as part of the European Year of Citizens on 12 July 2013.

Published: Mon, 20/01/2014 - 12:04

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