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Results of the Survey on “Youth and Multiple Discrimination in Europe ”

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The European Youth Forum collected data from across Europe on how multiple discrimination occurs in young people’s lives, on which grounds young people are discriminated against, as well as on young people’s awareness of existing antidiscrimination law on this topic.

In summary,  53.8%  of  respondents experienced discrimination in the field of education;  50.5%  in searching for a remunerated job;  42.4% in the workplace; 29.2% when looking for accommodation; 26.6% in healthcare; 26% in the attempt to get of recognition of their qualifications; 24.9% in restaurants, cafés or pubs; 24.7% when trying to get bank services; 24% at the cinema, theatre or clubs; 19.3% in sport centres; 22.8%  in  shops, supermarkets or shopping centers; 15.8%  in accessing the justice or legal system.

Read all the main finding in the report "Multiple discrimination and young people in Europe" (english, PDF 1,4 MB).

Opublikowane: czw., 28/07/2016 - 17:29

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