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Young Muslims in Germany

"Yallah! Junge Muslime engagieren sich"
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Young Muslims have diverse identities and varied backgrounds, and they frequent a multitude of scenes. This article is about the support provided by the Robert Bosch Foundation, and shows where you can find out more about the everyday life of young Muslims in Germany.

It is estimated that about 4 million Muslims are living in Germany today. Headscarf, macho behaviour, refusal to integrate – they are often met with prejudice and treated as though they were "all the same". But in fact the Muslim way of life in Germany is really colourful, and young Muslims are just as diverse and multifaceted as other young people. Many young Muslims, for example, are actively involved in social issues in their communities, and their commitment is contributing to changing the image of Islam in Germany.  


Young Muslims are getting involved

Presentations on career choices at school or lectures about Islam at university, childcare or neighbourhood festivals – the Robert Bosch Foundation supports projects by young Muslims and promotes creative ideas that show how colourful "our Islam" is in Germany. The program "Yallah! Junge Muslime engagieren sich" (Yallah! Young Muslims are getting involved) sponsors projects by young Muslims aged between 16 and 30 who want to effect change within their own social environment. Ventures that are not limited to their own association or community, but open to Muslims and non-Muslims alike, are supported with grants from €500 to  €5,000. Projects must be applied for, planned and conducted by the young people themselves.  


People, knowledge, concepts

The "Was glaubst du denn?" (Just what do you believe in?) exhibition shows facets of the everyday life of Muslims in Germany. The travelling exhibition is touring across the country, currently in Hamburg, and from April onwards in Berlin. Comic strips, videos and photographic images enable visitors to learn about day-to-day Muslim life in Germany, about Islam, animosity towards Muslims, and historical contexts. There is also a presentation by seven young Muslims, introducing themselves and their life plans. A video cubicle enables visitors to record their impressions or talk about themselves.   




Any questions?

If you want to learn more about the situation of young Muslims in Germany, or if you require help, please get in touch with your local "Jugendmigrationsdienst", the Youth Migration Service. They have 428 offices throughout Germany; for a map of locations, see More information and services are provided by the Bundesamt für Migration und Integration (Federal Office for Migration and Integration). Young German Muslims can get involved at Muslimische Jugend in Deutschland e.V. to help, for example, with organizing local activities such as district meetings, or Germany-wide events such as meetings, seminars, trips and recreational activities.


Published: Thu, 20/03/2014 - 13:40

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