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Deaf in Ghana

Deaf volunteer

Marlene spent 8 months as a volunteer in a special school for deaf children in Ghana, where she made a video using sign language to describe her experiences.

Marlene recorded the video with her camera shortly before returning to Germany. She shows how much staying with her host family and teaching at the school for deaf children has enriched her life and says: "I certainly don't want to be the ONLY deaf volunteer!"


Marlene volunteered as part of the program provided by "Weltwaerts", an umbrella organization for many other associations. One of them is Behinderung und Entwicklungszusammenarbeit e.V. (BEZEV) and Marlene is a member.


BEZEV organizes volunteer services abroad for people with and without disabilities. The organization is committed to include people with disabilities in development processes on an equal opportunities basis. BEZEV supports the participation of people with disabilities in inclusive development processes and strives for more opportunities for people with disabilities wanting to work as volunteers abroad. 

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