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Social security: What if I move within the EU?

Moving within Europe - How does moving affect my right to unemployment benefits?

Where do I pay my Social Security? What happens to my unemployment benefits if I work in another EU country and then lose my job? The EU rules apply! Catch up on your rights.


How does it work when you move around in the EU?

  1. You only pay social insurance contributions in one country at a time – the country where you are living or working.
  2. You have the same rights and obligations as the nationals of the country where you are covered.
  3. When you claim a social benefit, your previous periods of insurance, work or residence in other countries are taken into account if necessary.
  4. If you are entitled to a cash benefit from a country, you should usually be able to get it even if you are living in a different country.


When you move from one EU country to another, the social security authorities in your country must transfer your information to the authorities in the country where you live. You can find a list of national authorities in the Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information Institution Directory.


Need help?

  • Ask your question via Europe Direct
  • Use SOLVIT to work out problems with the help of a national administration


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