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Take a trip to the countryside, the marks will lead the way.

rozcestník @ wikimedia
rozcestník @ wikimedia
The Czechs like to go hiking in the nature. The landscape of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia is diverse and interwoven with a system of tourist marks. Don’t hesitate and set off on the trail!

Tramps, tourists and whole touristic and scout groups are wandering around the countryside. All of them take advantage of the tourist mark system which you will probably come to appreciate on your journeys too. Would you like to go straight to paradise? Take a look at the videos listed in the EDEN program.


This European portal will provide you with tips on places special in one way or another.  They might be at the periphery of general interest or have a wheelchair access. The Czech version for example recommends visiting the Moravian region of Slovácko


Can you literally develop a taste for the Czech Republic? Set out for the journey of local specialities prepared from high quality ingredients. You can learn more about the Czech cuisine, find recipes and tips on pubs and restaurants on a special information portal of the Ministry of Regional Development.


Could you use more general information about interesting places? There is a large website about Czech tourism full of beautiful pictures available on the internet. Or perhaps a pictorial atlas with maps of the individual areas.  If you prefer romantic ruins, you can draw inspiration from the community website “Abandoned Buildings”.


Do you feel like going out already? Follow the tracks marked by the Czech Tourist Club (KČT).  The marks on the trails are made by instructed volunteers. You can use trails for pedestrians, for horse riders, biking trails or skiing trails in the winter. The trails are marked with four different colors. Red – long range or mountain top trails, blue – more significant trails, green – local trails, yellow – short trails, connecting trails, shortcuts. The marks are usually painted on trees, columns and other objects. Each mark consists of a horizontal colorful line and a white line above and below it. Marks signaling a turn are shaped as an arrow.


You don’t have to set out for your journey by yourself. Tourist clubs organize a lot of marches throughout the year. The most famous one is called “Praha - Prčice” and takes place every spring.  Is that not enough? Take a trip to Romania! You can find Czech villages in between the hills and meadows in the Romanian region of Banat.  Is that too far? Visit the Czech villages in Ukraine.  Do you find it too Czech? The first Czech section of the so-called St James Way was attached in 2003. Its international label is “I24” and it leads from Prague all the way to the border crossing Železná in the Upper Palatine Forest (Český les) and to Nurnberg, Germany. The end of all St James Way routes is the grave of St James in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.