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Green city. Look for and after Prague’s green corners.

Petřín @ Ulf Liljankoski
Petřín @ Ulf Liljankoski
There are unexpected natural hide outs and sustainable life style options in Prague and other Czech cities. Experience a different city.

If you want to be able to find your way in Prague, the Green Map might be of great help. This map shows you non-smoking places, vegetarian restaurants, fair trade shops, green spaces, cycling trails and much more. If you’d like to have a city barbecue or a campfire with your friends, there are special barbecue places designated for this, some of them even with some firewood ready!


If you want to get even closer to nature, you can explore the natural parks in Prague.  For these situations when you meet an unknown animal on your trips, use a new smartphone app to detect herbivores!  The city’s green corners can sometimes serve as a source of food, too. This map will show you where to find fruit trees.  The quality of life in cities goes hand in hand with restricting car traffic. Prague is not the perfect city to ride a bike, however, it is getting biker-friendlier thanks to this special cycling map.  


Would you like to know what kind of air you are breathing in during your bike rides? Join the newly emerging project "Kanárci" of personal air pollution meters. Festivals focusing on sustainable life in the city take place several times a year, both in Prague and elsewhere in the Czech Republic. Amongst the most popular ones is “Experience a different city”. Should you like to contribute to your city’s development, look for a local ecological organization. If you’re in Prague, you can try the Brontosaurus Movement which is based on the principles of volunteer work.

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