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Where to Find Green Places in Prague

Prague is not only the city of great culture and architecture. It has a lot to offer to nature lovers as well.

If you feel tired after the long day spent in galleries and museums, search for an ideal place to have a picnic or want to know where to find the best view, keep on reading. In this article you will find a list of several beautiful locations that are worth visiting. 

Nature Reserve Prokop Valley

Prokop valley belongs to one of the most beautiful places where to go for a walk in Prague. It offers a trip to the nature that is just 30 minutes away from the city center. It is a good choice if you want to take a break from crowded streets since there aren’t that many tourists and especially during the colder months. You can stumble upon ponds, quarries, and rocky outcrops offering a place for rest and relaxation. There is also a canyon in the valley that reaches 70 meters deep. There have been many paleontological and archaeological cave finds that are also worth mentioning.

The name of the valley comes from the legend, according to which it was the home of St. Prokop, who fought there with the devil . Through the Prokop Valley also leads an educational trail, which will introduce you to the history, fauna and flora of a unique geological site on the southwest edge of Prague. The trail offers a protected landscape for almost a seven-kilometer walk. The site is legally protected from 1978. 

Other well-known site includes Mušlovka - a limestone quarry that is significant from a geological point of view. The greatest importance for the education about the geology and paleontology of the area was the lifetime work of the French engineer Joachim Barrand, who devoted himself to the research of fossils in the vicinity of Prague. In his work he described over 3600 new species of extinct animals.

Divoká Šárka Valley

If you like hikes, this is a perfect place for you. Divoká Šárka is a romantic rocky valley which creates one of the most extensive Prague parks. Its name comes from a legend of Šárka and Ctirad. In these forests, Šárka allegedly tricked him and together with her tribe of women destroyed his military group.

On the way to the valley, a short trip to Kozák's boulder to the right of the road is definitely worth it. On its flat top, the Slavic fortified settlement was built already in the eight century, and our ancestors did not choose this place by chance. Just sit down, take out a favorite snack from your backpack and let yourself immerse in the view.

Šárka has become a popular destination for climbers and summer trips for water, as in the valley next to the old known restaurant you will find the beautiful natural swimming pool Džbán. The water is cold but clean and refreshing. Other than that during the summer the area is suitable for walks or cycling. During winter it is possible to cross-country or skate on the frozen Džbán reservoir.


The area was founded by Přemysl Otakar II., who used it in 1266 as a hunting field and built a summerhouse there. The greatest flourish of the area was during the reign of Rudolf II. Although it was originally a royal reserve, nowadays it is known between the locals as Stromovka Park. Currently, it serves recreational, sporting and cultural-educational purposes. The area of ​​the fields has changed several times, currently it is about 95 ha. The summer house on the hillside was rebuilt in Renaissance style, the field expanded, the pond was extended and an island was poured into its center.

Stromovka has undergone a major renovation in recent years, three local ponds have been completely revitalized. In 2016, two new ponds with a total area of ​​more than 13,200 m2 were built, and a new water channel , linking the old and new ponds to one system. Furthermore, 163 trees were planted and new pavements were added. There are 10 hiking trails providing visitors not only with interesting information about fauna, flora and the history of the park, but at the same time it attracts sports and amusement during a visit.

Grébovka Park

Havlíčkovy sady is a large park also known as Grébovka. The park is located in Prague 2, Vinohrady. The founder of the park is the Prague industrialist Moritz Gröbe, who built this park in the vicinity of his neo-Renaissance villa. In the park you will find a fountain with water cascade, lake, pavilions, Gröbe's villa, sculptures and a charming grotto. Artificial cave is built in terrain inequality, its top floor is at street level, while the cave falls down to the park.

The Renaissance Park offers, in addition to the unique views of Prague, a seating area in the the middle of extensive vineyards or in the garden cafe Pavilon Grébovka with a unique replica of the original historical ornaments from the 19th century.

More than 120 species of deciduous and coniferous trees grow in the park, so even in the hot days there is a shadow. On the contrary, meadows are suitable for sunbathing. In the upper part of the park there is a children's playground, where there are ten, mostly classic, attractions. Part of the grounds is also a basketball court with artificial surface and tribunes. The site is supervised by the administrator.

Botanical Garden in Troja 

The area of ​​the botanical garden is situated in Troja on an area of ​​approximately 70 ha. Its most famous part is the Fata Morgana greenhouse, but the garden includes also an outdoor exposition including a vineyard. Fata Morgana greenhouse is open all year round from Tuesday to Sunday, Monday is the closing day.

In 1992, the opening exposition was opened and was treated as a park with collections of small bulbs, perennials, and other plants, a rock garden and a tree garden with domestic and exotic conifers. Today, besides the opening exposition, you can also see the Japanese garden with the original species of Japanese plants, the geographical exposure of the plants of Turkey and the Mediterranean, and a collection of irises.In the northern part of the garden is a six-ton ​​steel lookout tower. Inside the pipeline there is a spindle staircase and the surface of the tube is decorated with openings from which you can enjoy the view. Walking paths are available to visitors with a number of benches where they can relax during their walk. Various decorative and informational elements are added to the garden to make the visit more pleasant and to bring it closer to the visitors.

The Botanical Garden is an ideal place for a picnic, and there is even a reserved space where you can sit and relax with friends. If you do not have your own equipment, take some cash with you, the deckchairs are free of charge, but for the other things you will have to pay a deposit.

Petřín Gardens

Petřín is a 327 meters high hill in the center of Prague. It offers entertainment, nature, education and history. If you want to go up, there leads a traditional path but we would recommend an alternative option - the most popular way to get to the hill is the cable car. It is the oldest cable car in our country and the line has 540 meters. You can use your basic public transport ticket to take it. The most typical point of the hill is undoubtedly Petřín Tower. The design was inspired by the famous Eiffel Tower. It’s been open for public since 1891 and you can visit it all year round.

The other place you cannot miss while at Petřín is a mirror maze, where there are a total of 35 common and 15 distorting mirrors. The hill is also an ideal spot for star watching, there is an observatory which offers public observation of the day and night sky throughout the year. On the slope of Petřín you can also visit one of the most beautiful Baroque gardens in Prague. The garden is accessible from Karmelitská Street and is made up of cascading gardens. In Prague it is possible to legally distribute fire and grill in twelve places. Two places are offered by Petřín - in the Lobkovice Garden and near the path around Petřínská skalka.


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Published: Thu, 18/10/2018 - 12:44

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