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Eat and save in style

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Every European throws away on average 96 – 115 kg of food a year. Why is that so? How can re-ordering our fridges and shopping baskets help to change this?

According to the UN, 1.3 billion tons of food, around one third of all food made, are thrown away every year. The reasons for this are various. The expiry date is often poorly marked but we buy too much food and put too much on our plates too. Major food chains, restaurants but also households are all to blame. Below you will find a few inspirational links and tips. Maybe you’ll manage to reduce your food footprint already today.


  • How to use your fridge. What can you do with leftovers? How can you save food and money?  Love food. Hate waste.


  • Which Czech restaurants will give you tap water for free or for a good price? Z vodovodu.